Sports Shoulder

The Ricoh Arena, Coventry

The Conference will debate the innovative and controversial areas in the treatment of sports shoulder injuries providing up-to-date information for sports medicine physicians, SEM doctors, physiotherapists and surgeons to optimise decision making.

The course is aimed at both surgeons and physiotherapists who have an interest or specialist practice in treating shoulder injury.

Whilst there are many foot & ankle courses, the focus of this course is shoulder injuries in the athlete. Topics covered include Glenohumeral and AC Joint Instability surgery, rehabilitation and prevention as well as revision options, rotator cuff injuries, SLAP tears and biceps injuries as well as strategies for managing the degenerate shoulder. We will concentrate on the more controversial areas of these injuries.

The Warwick Orthopaedics Sports Injury Conferences feature a large number of International and European Faculty as well as key opinion leaders from the UK. They offer a wide range of concepts, ideas and results, ready for critical analysis by the delegates, and reflect the importance of time for discussion. The meetings last two days and with a conference dinner in the evening, the faculty are not allowed to escape from discussion with inquisitive delegates.