William Hage

United Kingdom
William Hage

William Hage is Consultant Orthopaedic Surgeon at the North Cumbria University Hospitals Trust specialising in Soft Tissue and Younger Knee Surgery.

He was educated at Cambridge and Nottingham and completed fellowship training with Steve Bollen and Stuart Calder before being appointed as Consultant. His practice is now exclusively knee surgery, with a sub interest in multiligament and osteotomy. Mr Hage works with Matt Dawson in one of the busiest osteotomy units in the country, and believes in reconstructive knee surgery from teens to 90s.

He is a member of the NLR Steering committee, and maintains a keen research interest with multiple book chapters, publications and research projects amongst his work. Education and altruistic projects form the core of his non-clinical work, alongside a tireless ethos of pushing for best surgical outcomes.


Tuesday 21st November

0830 Ligament Registries: performance enhancing or performance exposing

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